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Hey there,

I'm Susan Brown

Christian Author, Inspirational Speaker, &
Legacy Transformation Mentor

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Hey friend!

I'm Susan Brown.

I'm so thankful you are here in this one little corner of this world wide web (it really is a crazy one, eh?) for such a time as this.

I am a big believer in admitting that I usually make about 100,000 mistakes by 8am, but that I also have about 1 million lessons learned and only 1 life to live.

I bet that in reality, you aren't that much different from me, regardless of our backgrounds. Trials, hardships and difficulties come to us all.

And I know that if I can go from homeless, hopeless, depressed, lost, and more hardships than I can count to multi-faceted entrepreneur, married to my best friend for nearly 22 years and have 2 amazing children that I get to homeschool, I KNOW that you can be a Legacy Game Changer too!

But, you don't have to go it alone, and you can even implement systems in place to help you be ready as life changes (and it will, we can count on that!).

But the best part will be empowered and unleash the true overcomer in yourself and be able to pay it forward just like I am here.

Because just like me, one day, your story of survival will become someone else's survival guide.

A little bit about me? Well, I have to always bring everything back to God, because without Him I am nothing. My birthstone is the coffee bean, and I know that there is true greatness in you!

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We are Legacy Game Changers!

We are bold enough to take back our power, focus on God, and link arms together to create a richer life.

We desire riches that this life cannot offer and are willing to do the "weird and silly" stuff (by the worlds standards) to get there.

We fully believe and are committed to the fact that we rise by lifting others up.

We are committed to do all we can to take care of ourselves, our family, and our community for the glory of God as long as we live.

We are The LGC Fam!



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and Bless


What people are saying.

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“What more could you ask for?”

“The Peace Of Mind Binder came exactly at the perfect time. Susan and has left absolutely nothing undone.”  

- Wendy Wallace
Christian Life Coach, Content Creator

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“About Time!”

“I don’t know why someone had never thought to do this before. I’m so grateful to Mrs. Brown for coming up with this! To me and my family, just the Peace Of Mind you get is PRICELESS. ”  

- Elizabeth Rogers
Wife, Mom, Caregiver, Overcomer

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“This binder is exactly what my family needed. Susan has blown me away with the depth and support offered to myself and my loved ones through this binder. Thank you so much for creating this!””  

- Hannah Agoston
Wife, Mom, Real Estate Investor, Myofunctional Therapist, Entrepreneur

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Ready To Simplify Your Life & Have Peace Of Mind?

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